Dr. Timothy D. Hill, Ph.D., CLSSMBB, PMP   International Consulting Industrial & Organizational Psychologist & Educator
Canada's leader in Lean best practices with people and processes -- "Providing Working Solutions to Human Resources Problems" by aligning people with their work.
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New Rollout of Yellow and Green Belt Training!

Back by popular demand! Dr. Tim's clients have been asking for a repeat of the Yellow and Green Belt Lean training.

That's just what we're doing. We're expanding out beyond our current clients and also allowing participants to receive a Lean Yellow Belt.

We'll introduce your team to Lean, how to manage culture, how to use some tools and faciliate a value stream map based continuous improvement assignments.

Here's the outline for this 2 day training session:

  • Day One: Lean Thinking – Benefits and Principles; The 8 Wastes; Standardized Work, Flow and Pull; The Visual Workplace; 5S Workplace Organization; Problem Solving Techniques; Lean Paper Airplane Game
  • Day Two: Introducing Value Stream Mapping (VSM) & the Gemba; Kaizen; How To: Lean Implementation; A Short Yellow Belt Quiz
  • Follow up facilitation: 3-4 biweekly facilitation visits where Dr. Tim provides the coaching and mentoring required to make ideas and Lean culture really stick!

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Dr. Tim's Lifelong Lean Efforts Awarded
Dr. Tim and one of his mentors, Masaaki Imai at the Second Canadian Quality Congress Dr. Tim (left) receiving recognition from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Toronto Chapter 26. Dr. Juergen Boenisch (right) is Chair. 2008. Lean game participants in a manufacturing setting. Len Nanjan (L) and Dr. Tim at the Strategic Leadership Forum Value Stream Mapping in Healthcare

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Dr. Tim's home page is kyoseicanada.ca. Kyosei means getting in harmony with the world and living and working together for the common good. By operating according to this philosophy, we build understanding and harmony with individuals, society, and the environment. Kyosei is the development of ideals for personal life, business and community that dates back to Confucian and Daoist Philosophies. The Confucian Trader is the first instance of business ethics.