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Dr. Tim's Lean Newsletter: Inaugural edition

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Hello Friend of Lean!

I’ve always wanted to start a Lean newsletter! And I couldn’t think of a better way to start then with my first level connections on LinkedIn. I’ll be publishing the newsletter on a monthly basis – tying together some of my previous writing, advice and feedback with new findings from everywhere!

By way of introducing myself, here’s a podcast that I did with Joe Aherne, founder and CEO of the Leading Edge Group. This 6-part podcast series is called “Breaking The Mould” in which Joe interviews a number of professionals who have followed their dreams and achieved or embarked on some unique and exciting ventures. Joe says that “Many of these are unsung heroes and we are delighted to share their experiences with an international audience.” I’m still listed as a Key Consultant and Senior Lean Sensei with the Leading Edge Group, having served them across Canada and Ireland.

Here’s a piece from last Sunday’s New York Times. It describes how Lean is an “in all the way” method -- the goal is to improve the production process. But not all companies have the same success because there’s often a lot of starting and stopping. Without working on the streamlining continuously “in a disciplined way over the long term, you cannot have the same levels of improvement in productivity.”

If you’d like to share a Lean story, or if you’d like some help along your Lean journey – or you’re interested in becoming Lean belt certified, drop me an email!

Dr. Timothy D. Hill, Ph.D., CLSSMBB, PMP

  • Senior Lean Sensei & International Consulting Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and Educator
  • Specializing in Lean Continuous Improvement and Human Capital
  • Vice-President and Director, Chippewa of the Thames First Nation Economic Development Corporation